The atkins phase 1 foods diet is arguably the most used low carb diet around today. Its emphasis is on removing carbs almost completely out of your diet which results in fat loss. But this weight loss isn’t how you feel it can be. The diet is targeted on the reality that almost all medical problems occur from consuming foods loaded with carbs. This tricks one’s body into creating more insulin to break down the carbs and results in more fat to be created in the process. This leads to long term medical problems, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease along with other health risks.

As much as the entire world is captivated by the astounding Dr. Atkins diet, there were harsh critics and reports of undesirable side effects by people undergoing the diet plan program. While this might seem somewhat inconvenient, this will do not be a deterrence ingredient that prevents you from testing out this weight-loss program. It is best to read the benefits and drawbacks and consider if these sacrifices are worth enduring if you’re able to reach your weight loss goals in the long run.

On the other side, however, NOT consuming any carbs might be in the same way dangerous if not more so. What happens in the Atkins weight loss program is the body switches into a state generally known as “Ketosis”.Now there are 2 theories on ketosis. 1 is that it’s dangerous so when the body retreats into this state, it starts eating muscle, not fat which then causes fat loss. The 2nd theory is it burns fat which then causes weight loss. Which of those theories applies is something I honestly am not aware of.

However, upon reading many reviews, many people experience plenty of fatigue when performing the atkins phase 1 foods diet. In fact risks for health health also occur upon doing the Atkins this diet which can be the consequence of lack of sugar in one’s body or idea that the ketosis state is eating away at muscles.I’ve known those who have remained around the Atkins diet for months, quit since it was too difficult and gained back each and every pound. There were other people who had better results, however, when you examine overall, you will see mixed results with the dietary plan.

Let’s examine one of the most common side effects of the Atkins diet.

1: Bad Breath
Bad breath is often an irritating complication with the Dr. Atkins diet program. This is actually due to the home in the fat in your body which can be termed as the ketones. Normally these substances are expelled with the urine, however, many of it is also contained in the breath and expelled over the mouth. A good way to overcome this is to get breath fresheners and chewing gums which will help maintain the breath fresh. Drinking a good amount of water might help reduce this effect also.

2: Tiredness
It is normal to see tiredness as well as a general a sense sluggishness when you find yourself around the Atkins diet. General, a sense weakness is very common, especially throughout the induction stage with the program where a drastic reduction in the intake of carbohydrates is needed to induce the body to get involved with the ketosis stage.
Another common side effect is dizziness. Those who pursue this diet program often complain of mild dizziness his or her body burn up more fat in large qualities to generate energy. The rapid acceleration of weight loss may cause one’s body to react in some ways and dizziness may be one of the symptoms you could possibly experience.

3: Insomnia
Large levels of fat being burnt can cause one to feel more alert and it is possible to have insomnia or even the inability to sleep. However, this really is a temporary symptom which will disappear when you progress further in the program. If the symptoms stay longer when compared to a month possibly even, do consult a physician to find out the real factors that cause your inability to sleep.

4: Nausea
Nausea is an additional symptom in the Dr. Atkins diet. However, this normally won’t end up in more serious symptoms, for example, actual vomiting. The mild sense of uneasiness would normally go away as soon as one’s body adapts towards the new kind of dietary intake that’s needed from the Atkins diet.

5: Constipation
This is another common symptom in the Dr. atkins phase 1 foods diet system. With ‘abnormal’ amounts of fruit and veggies and protein intake, this means less fiber intake, can cause constipation problems. You may need to try taking a little additional supplement such as psyllium husk powder or other dietary fiber supplements to enhance the digestive system throughout the weight reduction program.

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