If you’re much like me, you may spend close to this on your own grocery bill before gas and time even enters into the equation. And, if you eat out, this probably brings your total up much more. I believe that my costs when I wasn’t on a diet were actually much like (and often higher based on my restaurant habits) to my costs on a atkins diet cost. And, when I started researching the costs of several different and various diets, I saw that the costs vary significantly.

I even tried just preparing my very own low carbohydrate meals even though the expense were somewhat comparable, some time spent has not been. There was obviously a huge time commitment when I prepared my very own meals and I often were required to buy specialty ingredients which wound up only getting used once. I’ve come to realize that time is oftentimes worth the maximum amount of to me than my money, that is one reason that I do consider Medifast being quite cost-effective. But this is easy enough to analyze that you can conduct for yourself. You can pretty easily determine your total costs on many diets with ease.

This may seem like a large number initially, but if you break it down, each Medifast meal is only about $2 each. That’s not bad whatsoever when you compare it as to you are probably spending on the foods which are causing you to be (or keeping you) fat. Before using Medifast, I spent $7-8 on lunch every single day after which another $4 or so at Starbucks. So Medifast actually saves me money most days and it has also lessened my waistline and caffeine habit since I don’t have the frozen drinks (my downfall) at the coffeehouse.

And sometimes, costs aren’t the only consideration. If you’re wasting many of the food or the need to spend considerable time on preparation alone, that is an important consideration for a few people as well. Finally, if you’re ordering a monthly package, you can often use some very generous Medifast coupons that will bring this $299 total down much more so that the cost per meal and each day is even less than I have estimated here. They also offer weekly packages and so they sell the meals individually, but as you might expect this breaks down to be aa bit more expensive.

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